Thoughts on networks, environmental behavior, policy, data science, and academic life

Tidyverse Tutorial

Talk walking through features of the tidyverse packages for R. Plus R Notebooks.

ERGM Tutorial

Network management, visualization, and exponential random graph modeling in R with statnet.

Playing with Twitter Data

Last Friday, the Institute for Social Sciences hosted a great one-day conference on various aspects of the reproducability crisis, Making Social Science Tran...

All 15 home teams win! What are the odds?

My dad just sent me an article saying that yesterday was the first time in the modern history of Major League Baseball that all 15 home teams won in a single...

dplyr: Data manipulation in R made easy

dplyr is an R library that does basic data manipulation extremely well... It produces highly readable syntax that is low cognitive overhead to write.

Nudging environmental behavior

Would this grocery cart, outfitted with a reflection of your face, make you buy more produce? Recent research suggests it would.

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